Dr. Jesse Krakauer, MD, FACP

Associated Physicians/Endocrinology
1695 12 Mile Road, Suite 200
Berkley, MI 48072
Cell phone: 248-795-0462; Email: jckrakauer@gmail.com
Office phone: 248-548-9090; Office fax 248-548-8460

Dr. Jesse Krakauer is a graduate of Stanford University Medical School and received his endocrinology training at William Beaumont Hospital (Royal Oak, MI) and at Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit, MI). Dr. Krakauer is board certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism with permanent Internal Medicine certification. He has extensive experience with diabetes management, bone health, weight control, and body composition measurement and interpretation.

Besides patient care, over the last decade Dr. Krakauer has co-developed (with Nir Krakauer, PhD) A Body Shape Index (ABSI) (Wikipedia), Hip Index, and other derived quantities based on simple measurements of waist and hip circumference, height and weight. Published research studies, now more than 500 in the medical literature, suggest many possible applications of these measures. The strongest evidence is for prediction of risk for premature mortality, but also for cardiometabolic disease and risk for certain cancers. There also could be a role in tailoring obesity therapy and evaluations for weight loss surgeries. See here for extensive bibliographies.

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